Seller's Agent


Committed to getting you the best possible price under current market conditions,causing you the least stress possible.

Before listing your property, Kathy will make recommendations and suggestions to enhance the selling features of your home.

Kathy can provide the names of reliable trades’ people to help prepare your home for the marketplace.

Kathy will provide market information to help you arrive at a realistic listing price for your property.

Kathy will develop a marketing strategy, giving consideration to your property’s unique features.

·         install the Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited sign on your property

·        process the listing for the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), making the information available to over 24,000 sales representatives in the GTA

·         prepare  colour feature sheets, highlighting your property’s special attributes

·         make the listing information available on at least 3 internet sites

·        contact all agents who specialize in your area in order to promote your property

·         advertise your property regularly in the most appropriate medium

·         hold an Open House for agents (to be repeated regularly if necessary)

·         hold public open houses if deemed appropriate

Kathy will personally promote your home to other agents through Chestnut Park’s  weekly sales meetings, e-mail and personal contact.  About 80% of all properties are sold through the efforts of agents, as opposed to advertising, open houses, etc.

Kathy will ensure that your property receives local and national exposure.

Kathy will use Internet and computer technology to your advantage. The following websites will showcase your property:

Kathy will keep you informed and up-to-date on her efforts in marketing your property, and in any changes in market conditions.

Kathy will personally contact all agents who show your property. This feedback will be passed on to you on a regular basis.

Kathy will negotiate, on your behalf, the best possible price and terms on the sale of your home.