Moving Costs



Moving Costs for the Seller

1.  Legal Fees.  Can be as much as 1/2 to 1% of the sale price of the property, but usually are between $750-$1,000 + disbursements. Shop around if you do not have a lawyer who specializes in Real Estate.

2.  Real Estate Commission.  5% of the sale price of the property.

3.  G.S.T.  7% of the Real Estate Commission.

4.  Discharge of Mortgage.  May be a penalty of three month's interest, the interest differential between an old and new mortgage or a combination of the above. Check with your lending institution.

5.  The Move.  Costs can vary greatly depending on the method you use (i.e. renting your own truck, packing yourself, having professional movers do the whole move, etc.)